Basic Horsemanship

At January Farm, we teach and apply the principles of natural horsemanship to ensure the ultimate riding experience for both horse and rider. Using this naturalistic approach, the emphasis is always on safety, synergy, and clear communication with the horse based on trust and respect in a language the horse can understand. Our beginner-friendly program is low pressure and low stress, but more importantly, fun and safe. We want the horse and rider to really enjoy their collective riding experience together.

Polo Lessons

Each lesson is personalized for each individual according to their skill level. In the competent hands of our skilled Polo professionals, we can teach a novice player the basic fundamentals they’ll need to play polo skillfully. For more advanced players, our focus on improved riding, mallet work, and game strategy in a competitive environment are sure to elevate your game. We have a stick and ball field and play small practice games.